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Anne-Sophie Gabillas


Transgressing Boundaries in Science Fiction

24-27 April 2019
Maison Française d'Oxford

CONFERENCE 'Race, Gender and Technology in Science-Fiction'
25-27 April 2019

Scientific Committee:
Simon Bréan (Université Paris Sorbonne), Paul Edwards (MFO, CNRS/LARCA, Université Paris Diderot), Elodie Grossi (MFO, UVSQ), Thomas Lacroix (MFO,CNRS), Iwan Morus (Aberystwyth University), Vivien Prigent (MFO, CNRS), Amanda Rees (University of York), Marie Thébaud-Sorger (MFO, CNRS)



9.30am     Coffee and welcome


10.15am     Introduction/Welcome


10.30am    Colonialism/Race/Politics

Chair: Thomas Lacroix (MFO)


10.30am    Gado ALZOUMA (American University of Nigeria)

'Possible future(s): ethnic identity in Nnedi Okorafor’s The Shadow Speaker'


11.00am  Sascha CRASNOW (University of Michigan)

'The Surrealism of Colonialism: Larissa Sansour’s Nation Estate and In the Future They Ate From the Fonest Porcelain'


11.30am  Sarah WALTCHER (Oxford University)

'Who Sleeps?: Insomnia, Identity, and Affective Labor in Sleep Science-Fiction'

12.00-1.00pm     Buffet lunch


1.00pm     Racial Purity, Gender and the Body

Chair: Amanda Rees (University of York) & Paul Edwards (MFO)


1.00-1.30pm   Hélène MACHINAL (Université de Bretagne Occidentale)

'Posthuman bodies and Empowerment: reaching beyond dualism in Sci-Fi TV'


1.30-2.00pm    Khalil THIRLAWAY (Science Museum)

'Do you really get it though? Representing mixed-ancestry identities in science fiction'


2.00-2.30pm    Paul WEINDLING (Oxford Brookes)

'The boys from Brazil as a cloning Conspiracy'


3.00-3.30pm     Kate FOSTER (King’s college)

'The Ambiguous Android: Building the Perfect ‘Woman’ in  Villiers de l’Isle-Adam's L'Ève future'


3.30-4.00pm     Chelsea HAITH (Faculty of English, Oxford)
'Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism: Anti-Anthropogenic Narrative in Queer Space Opera Series Wayfarers'


4.00-4:30pm      Barbara EGGERT (Donau-Universität)

'Back to the strip with barbarella the transmedial code of undressing from sci-fi comics to film and back again'



5.30-7.15pm     FILM NIGHT


5.30-5.50pm     Codutra MORARI (Wellesley College)

'Technological and Spiritual Knowledgein René Laloux’s Fantastic Planet'


6.00-7.15pm      Screening of 'La planète sauvage' (René Laloux, 1973, 1h12min)

French with English Subtitles




9.00am     Coffee


9.30am     Technology and Politics

Chair: Marie Thébaud-Sorger & Vivien Prigent (MFO)


9.30-10.00am     Lu GAN (University of Bayreuth)

'Toxic Discourse and Asian speculation in Paolo Bacigalupi's The Windup Girl (2009) and Chang Rae Lee's On Such a Full Sea (2014)'


10.00-10.30am    Ben GREET (University of Reading)

'Roman Motifs as Fascist Aesthetics in Star Trek: Discovery'



11.00-11.30am     Nat MULLER (Birmingham City University)

'Absented Dreams: Science Fiction and Tales of Modernity and Loss in Joana Hadjithomad and Khalil Joreige's The Lebanese Rocket Society'


11.30am-12.00pm    Jade HINCHCLIFFE (University of Hull)

'Surveillance, Social Sorting and science-Fiction: An Exploration of Biometrics and Race in Sabrina Vourvoulias'Ink (2012)'


12.00-1.00pm    Buffet lunch

1.00pm      Identities, Technology and Politics: Sci-fi as Emancipation or Norm

Chair: Iwan Morus (Aberystwyth University) & Elodie Grossi (MFO, UVSQ)

1.00-1.30pm     Marianne KAC-VERGNE (Université de Picardie Jules Verne)

'The Black Other in the Predator franchise'

1.30-2.00pm     Jessica KASJE (Yale University)

'Star Trek and the Prime Directive: Socialist Utopia for Some'



2.30-3.00pm     Marit HANSON (University of Minnesota)

'The semantics of Solodarity: radical Vulnerability and Gendered Langagein Spanish Peninsular Science Fiction'


3.00-3.30     John CHRISTIE (Oxford)

'[Harari’s] Homo Deus and [John Crowley’s] Totalitopia: Historiographical and Fictional Futures'


4.00-5.30pm     Roundtable: Telling Stories about Science Fiction: Race, Gender and Authority in the Histories of the Future

Amanda REES (University of York), Iwan MORUS (Aberystwyth University), Charlotte SLEIGH (Kent), Will SLOCOMBE (Liverpool), Kanta DIHAL (University of Cambridge)


6.00-8.00 pm       FILM NIGHT in the Presence of Filmaker Marc Caro

6.00-7.50     Screening of 'La Cité des Enfants Perdus' (Jean Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, 1995, 1h52min)
in French with English Subtitles



9.00am coffee

9.30-11.00am     Roundtable: Beyond Gender

Sasha MYERSON (Birkbeck College), Amy BUTT (University of Reading), Katie STONE (Birkbeck College),Rachel HILL (Goldsmiths, University of London), Tom DILLON (Birkbeck College)

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